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Privately owned homes, loft apartments & Luxury duplexes in West Plaza, Kansas City, MO.  Commercial space for office, retail or commercial use and land for exterior storage.

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Victor & Joan circa 1969    
Purchased Kelly Butter Factory from Mrs. Kelly and got two buildings & the first house in the deal.  Used small portion for office and rented the rest of the space out. 
Joan & her girls 2014    
Our parents have passed away now but we are keeping it all going.  Julie manages the properties for us.  And we live here too!
About Jennings Plaza Properties, LLC
Jennings Plaza Properties, LLC is a privately owned local business.  We own and manage our own properties, hands on.  In 1969, our parents purchased the Kelly Butter Factory from Mrs. Kelly for a centrally located office for our Tree & Lawn Service.  Her home was just next door.  And she owned the drug store behind the factory.  So in the deal, we got two buildings & a house. And as our workers needed houses so they could live close to work it became handy to buy a couple more when they came up for sale.  Since then we have expanded our properties to include our own homes, three commercial buildings, three luxury duplexes, 8 houses, 4 converted apartment homes.  Varied living spaces & two commercial buildings and some land.   
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